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Swift has cured thousands of patients from stubborn verruca across the UK

genuine patient stories posted here with consent


Swift PatientGuildford

This verruca wasn't painful, but was unsightly and causing irritation when wearing heels and sandals.

Within just two treatments, this patient's verruca resolved.


Swift PatientSouthampton

A deep, long-standing verruca was causing this patient severe pain (a pain level of 9 out of 10).

In 3 treatments, 4 weeks apart, the lesion was cleared


Swift PatientPortsmouth

This 16 year old patient had 11 verrucae in total, including a large, painful lesion on the ball of her foot

In 3 treatments, all lesions were cleared using Swift verruca treatment

"This patient is a promising athlete, competing at under 17 GB level. These verrucae were impacting her times, and now they're clear she's running personal bests"

Chris Webb, Treating Clinician


Swift PatientWest Sussex

Mrs S, a patient from West Sussex in her 60s, had suffered with persistant verruca for over 10 years, affecting her walking and everyday life. 

In just two treatments, these persistent verruca were gone.

"My verrucae have all cleared up and I can see pink skin for the first time in years! No more pain, no more costly ineffective treatments, and no more hopelessness! I can't tell you what this means to me"

Mrs S, Patient


Swift PatientPortsmouth

This patient had suffered for more than 20 years with this very painful verruca, with a number of other verrucae across both feet.

It took just three treatments, four weeks apart, to clear these persistent verruca.

"Nothing other than Swift could have achieved this result. This patient was in extreme pain, and after the first treatment the pain reduced almost immediately. To say she was delighted would be an understatement."

Chris Webb, Treating Podiatrist


Swift PatientCosham

This 15 year old patient had a number of verruca across both feet, including this cluster on the left foot.

After four treatments with Swift, all lesions were cleared.

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