Swift success stories

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Toe-tally Gone

Treated By Premier Foot Clinic Hertford


A persistent cluster of verrucae had taken hold around this patients toe. One of the many benefits of Swift is the ability to directly target only affected areas. After just 3 Swift treatments at the Premier Foot Clinic in Hertford the patient's verrucas had completely resolved.



Fantastic! Very happy, used many different treatments and nothing worked. 

Patient treated at First Steps Podiatry

 Longstanding Case

 Treated By M&C Podiatry Essex


Having tolerated this extremely painful case for over 56 years, this patient had tried every possible treatment to alleviate the suffering. They had literally abandoned all hope before discovering Swift. After a consultation with M&C Podiatry in Essex, it was decided that Swift was the solution required. After 9 treatments this extremely persistent case had resolved.


Amazing, so happy I keep my flip flops on all year round!

Patient treated at First Steps Podiatry

Teenage Kicks

 Treated By Farnham Foot Clinic Thatcham


This 15 year old patient had developed a large cluster of verrucae on the toes and sole of their foot. Farnham Foot Clinic treated the affected area using Swift and after 3 treatments, the verrucas completely resolved.



I can’t believe it has gone! I thought I would be stuck with it forever. I’m so glad that horrible painful thing has gone from my foot, I’m absolutely delighted

Patient treated at West Berkshire Foot Clinic

Fast Results

Treated by Round House Podiatry Huddersfield


After struggling to find a resolution to their verrucae for 10 years, this patient decided to give Swift a try at Round House Podiatry in Huddersfield. With a bit of scepticism Swift was given its opportunity, and after just 2 treatments the verrucae had gone.


This treatment is unbelievable, thank you so much

Patient treated at Yorkshire Verruca Clinic

Getting Hands on With Swift

 Treated By West Berkshire Foot Clinic Thatcham


Showing the flexibility of Swift microwave therapy, this young patient had been suffering from multiple warts on their fingers. Becoming insecure with their appearance a resolution was sought out. After 3 treatments at West Berkshire Foot Clinic the warts had completely gone.


Honestly, it was life changing. For a 12 year old girl who was mortified by her feet, it has given her a new found confidence  

Patient treated at Yorkshire Verruca Clinic

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