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Verrucas are a pain. Literally.

They are difficult to treat, persistent, and unsightly. Some can persevere for years, growing deeper and impacting more and more on daily activities.

Around 10% of the population have a verruca. Most people have tried some form of treatment… but it hasn’t worked.

The good news?

Swift is a scientifically proven solution that attacks the verruca virus at its heart.

Thousands of people all over the UK (and the world) have had their verrucas treated and cured with Swift. But it’s the people who have suffered for decades that have been cured in just a handful of treatment sessions that make this treatment so remarkable.

So many people have given up on treatments for stubborn verruca - Swift offers those patients renewed hope, and for almost 80% of patients, complete freedom from the condition.

How does Swift verruca treatment work?

Watch the video below to see how the Swift treatment works

Will Swift work for me?

An independent UK clinical study analysed the worst cases of verruca across the country, and 76% of patients saw complete resolution in an average of 3 treatments.

Patients also reported significant reductions in pain after each treatment.

Michelle | Swift Patient

Michelle had suffered with persistent verrucas for over 4 years before she heard about Swift. Throughout that time she had tried over-the-counter remedies, cryotherapy, acid, and needling on two separate occasions. Eventually she paid to have the lesions surgically removed - and they still persisted. Michelle was then treated with Swift by her clinician in Hampshire.

Andrew | Swift Patient

Andrew had a verruca for just a few months before it started causing a lot of pain. Initially he tried home treatments, but when it started to affect day-to-day walking he made an appointment with his Podiatrist and was introduced to Swift.

Andrew describes his experiences of the treatment in this short video.

Anna | Swift Patient

Anna had a verruca for around 5 years, and while it didn’t cause her too much pain, she did find it uncomfortable and was continually aware of it when she was at the beach or wearing flip-flops on holiday. After trying topical treatments on a number of occasions, Anna visited her local Podiatry clinic and decided that Swift sounded like the most suitable treatment for her.

Where can I get Swift Verruca Treatment?

Simply find your nearest clinic using our locator and arrange an appointment with a certified podiatrist.

The clinic will carry out an initial consultation, and if they are confident Swift verruca treatment is suitable for you, they will arrange your first treatment.

On average, patients require 3 swift verruca treatments, usually fifteen minute appointments, over an 8 week period. Your clinician will be able to provide further advice based on the specifics of your condition.